The person who is most certain will always be able to influence the other.

If you see any person who look up to, a politician, teacher, preacher, or any other person in a leadership position. The one you follow is the one you trust to be the most certain in his/her message.

This unshakable certainty is a prerequisite for all great leaders in history.

Mohammad (PBUH), Jesus Crist (PBUH), Moses (PBUH), Imran Khan, Nelson Mandela; they all had confidence in what they were preaching was so true, that they were ready to put their life on the line for it. For them, there was no bigger truth than the truth for which they stood for.

They had a strong enough reason to believe in what they believed that they could say and act in a way that would have been seen as ignorance by a few at that age. But with that persistence they achieved their success, such that we love and admire them to this day.

Again such confidence can only be achieved if one has a strong enough reason to believe. Do you believe is something so unshakable that you can influence others to your ways?

Whether it be a business idea, a social, or political change, an educational reform.

  1. Do you believe in something strongly enough?

  2. and do you have a strong enough reason as to why you want it?