On an everyday basis, I use Macbook Pro 2013, 13” screen, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz, and Google Chrome as my browser.

when I am using the computer

  • Workflowy

    Workflowy is note-taking, list-making, thought-organizing app. I use it for journaling, note taking, and planning courses for iLoveCoding.org. I have been using workflowy for years, and it really helps organize my thoughts particularly when planning. I like its keyboard shortcuts, which makes my life much easier when using the app.

when I am programming

  • Visual Studio Code

    VS Code is my goto text-editor these days, I have been a fan of Sublime Text in the past, but VS Code is better. I like it particularly since its free, has great shortcuts, integrated terminal, and great syntax highlighting for the technologies I use. I think Sublime Text is still noticably faster if you have large files.

  • Javascript & Node.js

    Javascript is the most popular and versatile programming language. I use it for most (if not all) of my sofware engineering projects.

  • React.js

    I use React.js and Redux these days to create web application front-ends. I like React since its simple. You just create components and just use plain Javascript. Coming from a Angular 1.x background, I really appreciate that its simpler to troubleshoot as well.

  • Redux

    Redux is a good complement to React.js. I must have for medium-large application. I like its feature that there is only one state, however I do not like that extra files of actions and reducers that need to be created.

  • Bootstrap

    Helps me quickly scaffold web and mobile apps. When I want to customize the look of my apps, its easy to do it with it as well. AzizAli.com, Qitch.com, iLoveCoding.org and many of my other projects use Bootstrap.

  • Express.js or Loopback

    I use either of them for building Web APIs. iLoveCoding Web APIs are built with Loopback.

when I am designing websites and art

  • Affinity Photo

    Being a Photoshop pro for many years, I found the transition to Affinity Photo relatively easy. For $49.99 (one-time price) its a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop ($19/month). I have tried Pixelator, Gimp and some others, and found Affinity Photo to be the best option for me.

when I am blogging

  • Jekyll and Git

    I am new to Jekyll, AzizAli.com is migrated over to Jekyll from wordpress. I am not 100% sold on it, lets see.

when I am creating video tutorials

when I am managing projects

  • Asana

    I like that I can invite team members, have conversation, assign tasks and have all conversations in one place.

when I am hosting

  • SiteGround

    For wordpress and static website hosting. I have used Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, Media Temple and others as well. SiteGroup and HostGator as good value these days.

  • Vimeo

    For hosting videos of iLoveCoding.

  • Heroku

    For hosting web apps. iLoveCoding API app is hosted on Heroku.

  • Netlify

    For hosting front-end apps. iLoveCoding Front-End App is hosted on Netlify.

  • Github Pages

    AzizAli.com is hosted with Github Pages. Their build-times are excellent. As fast as my local computer. Impressive!