My parents call me self-assertive, my friends call me outspoken. My superpower is the ability to teach and explain things simply; hence,I apply my superpowers at

What drives me?

What do we humans want? We just want to matter.

Thats what I want too. I want to spend my life such that I leave this place better than I found it. I am a very blessed individual. I was born in an educated family, to level headed parents in a beautiful country. None of which is my accomplishment.

As they say, “90% of all your battles are won before you are born”.

I got lucky and married the right girl, and am blessed with a beautiful daughter.

I am so blessed that I feel obligated to contribute my fair share to society.

Life Chronologically

Early life

  • 1988: Born on Sept 17th, 1988 / 6 Safar 1409 in Karachi, Pakistan
  • Appeared on ARY TV (Pakistan) in a game show program
  • 2004:
    • Business #1 - Started Web design consulting company named Adiz
    • Launched my first website at age 16,, built with Adobe Flash
    • Had my first website consulting client, Pantaloons, at age 16
  • 2005:
    • Had my first job as a Print Designer and was fired in 3 days (I didn’t perform well)
    • Had my second job as a Web Designer and shined there
  • 2006: Moved to Chicago, USA with my family

Career: Pursuit of becoming rich and famous

  • 2007-2008: Held upto 3 odd jobs simultaneously while enrolled in college full-time

  • 2008: Business #2 - Affiliate Marketing

  • 2010
    • Quit all my jobs to pursue business full time; Attempt #1
    • Business #3 - Days to Domination: Marketing Training Program
    • Business #4 - Career Incharge: Career and Employment Training Program
    • Business That didnt launch - Information product business in Health & Fitness category
  • 2011:
    • Earned Bachelors in Business Information Systems from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
    • Worked as a Project and Marketing Manager for a media company
  • 2012: Business #5 - Startup to find softwares that others use

  • 2013:
    • Worked as a Project Manager for a public manufacturing company
    • Seriously started to learn programming: Focus Javascript
  • 2014:
    • Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at a public airlines company
    • Made my first open source contribution wp-welcome-gate
  • 2015:
    • Quit my job to pursue business full time; Attempt #2
    • Business #6 -
  • 2017:
    • Published my first open source library React Super Treeview
    • Quit my job to pursue business full time; Attempt #3

I have not listed all the jobs I have had here, for a full list check my linkedIn profile

Philosophies I live by

  1. If you say you can or if you say you can’t either way you are right.

  2. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it yourself. – Albert Einstein

  3. Outcomes are not in your control, you only control the input.

  4. Knowledge without action is madness, and action without knowledge is void. – Imam Al-Ghazali

  5. Focus on only one thing.

  6. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Own less! Own like a traveler, since we are here just as travelers in this world. – Prophet Mohammad PBUH

  8. You will not achieve success unless you find patience with the thing you dislike the most. – Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib

  9. Do not advice on something you yourself do not do. – Inspired by a story of Prophet Mohammad PBUH

  10. Speak from your own experience only. Do not give advice or opinion that you have heard from others and not validated yourself.

Problems worth solving

Here are some of the problems I notice often and I think they are worth solving:

  • Non commercialization of drinking water
    I believe water should be free, just like air. Okay okay, I get it that there is cost for cleaning and transportation and I am okay that the maintenance cost is bared by everyone using the water. However I dislike the idea of the commercialization of water.

  • Traffic on roads
    My idea of solving this is not via making better infrastructure. I think there is a lot of waste on the road. 90% of people drive a car with the capacity of 5 alone. Thats wasted fuel, energy, space and depreciation of the car.

  • Recycling
    I believe we use plastic excessively. Forget that part, I believe 80% of all the materials which are recyclable are not recycled. We just put it in garbage cans. Also, we throw away food which can be otherwise biodegradable.

I understand that there are bigger issues in our world than the above. These are some that come to my attention often and hence wanted to list