Any one who is trying to achieve anything in life must be obsessed about it.

  • Tiger Woods, obsessed about winning.

  • Imran Khan, obsessed about making Pakistan a great nation

  • Marther Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, Passionate about equality for all

  • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, passionate about organizing the world’s information.

As a teenager I was obsessed with learning Photoshop, so I became amazingly good at it. Growing up, I had an obsession towards achieving more than people of my age did - So I did end up earning professionally, ran a few businesses, and advised PhD’s and entrepreneurs older than me. I was without exception the youngest senior member of any team. These days I am obsessed about becoming super rich, so one day Inshallah I will be one.

An year ago, I became obsessed with running, when I had stamina of a turtle. Now my stamina is of a rabbit.

3 months ago, I became obsessed with learning Rails fast. It was one of the most frustrating skill learning period of my life. But now I am good enough to find bugs and faults in senior programmers code.

Obsession is truly a prerequisite to any huge achievement. (Note: Winning a lottery is not an achievement). Think of any time of your life, when you achieved something. It could be big or small, but something that you really wanted. Chances are that you were obsessed about how you could find a way to achieve that goal.

Whether it be learning a new (programming) language, marketing a startup, learning how to become more productive, becoming more outgoing (Yup, its a challenge for introverts like me :)). If you are committed and obsessed about achieving that goal, you will get there.

Most of us start with Zero. We do not know how to get the goal, we do not know who can help, but we know we want it. That’s always the start, and its an important step towards achievement - clarity and obsession towards what you want.