The biggest truth of life is death. Seriously, you have a finite amount of years and after that you are history. Give it some more time and they won’t even know you existed.

Is the purpose of life to just chill and be happy? I think the purpose of life is to do “right”.

There are endless things that we as a human race need to improve upon, from our egos to our patience, our sense of humour to our judgement.

Whether you are a programmer, an athlete or a small coffee shop cashier, you have the power to bring the human race forward.

Like the women athlete who ran in the Olympics with her hijab, giving a.message to the world that her believes are solid and worthy of recognition regardless.of the venue she is in. That she is set on her belief yet being a women, is amongst the top 5% of human beings who is competing on an international level.

Like that man who ran in the Olympics with plastic limbs, setting the example that life is worth maximizing regardless.of the setbacks.

Like my coworker, when I used to work at a coffee shop, who made the customers smile because of her personality.

It’s like that stranger who actually drove an extra mile in the middle of no where to show me the right path when I was lost.

These examples are easy to do, very very very easy. This will happen when our heart is in the right place.