When Thomas Edison finally invented the first practical working bulb after trying thousands of times for years. (not a dozen but THOUSANDS of times), he handed it over to his assistant to put it away. His assistant  dropped and shattered the bulb into pieces!!!!

Anyone with a heart would immediately say something along these lines:

Are you F@#$%^&* kidding me? I am ready to beat the dash out of that assistant

I have been working on this for YEARS, while the whole world is criticizing me on this, I have tried making this literally thousands of times, and you just broke the darn thing.


Edison was an evolved man. This incident didn’t matter to him. He went back to his lab, created another bulb and handed it over again to the same assistant and asked her to put the bulb away.

If some one screws up, chances are that they are already beating themselves up for failing you and themselves, your anger and pessimism is not going to help AT ALL.

“When a junior executive lost IBM $10 million on a risky venture, Tom Watson, Jr., rejected his offer to resign. “You can’t be serious, we’ve just spent $10 million educating you!”

Sometimes in my life I have days when I think that things I am working on will never workout (yup I am one of you), and when I get lucky my brain reminds me of Edison.

I begin to self talk to myself saying “Aziz you are not up against a huge challenge”

Lets really digg this deep ok?

Edison was creating something that A. was never done before, B. had already failed to work a thousand times, after years of experimentation, C. his friends, family, and media was influencing him was a waste of time.

He was up against all odds that is humanly imaginable.


He had the persistence to work on this project for years despite of all the criticism and witnessing failure thousands of times.

A press person asked Edison, why he was wasting his time creating something that the whole world knew was impossible, and he had already failed at creating the bulb. Edison responded: “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Talk about Perspective

Most of us know Edison as an inventor, what we don’t know that Edison was a pretty wealthy man. He was an evolved human-being and did not look at things other people called failure. He had an instant technique to eliminate all failures — THAT IS TO LEARN FROM IT.

I think this is going to make more sense if you put your self in the shoes that I am about to give you.

Imagine something in your head that seems almost impossible to accomplish. Lets say you think its impossible for you to

  1. Become a billionaire,

  2. Have a good relationship with your dad,

  3. Setup your website/blog/adwords account or anything.

Now ask yourself this question. What you think is impossible; Is it already been done by other people? Chances are they have. And I am willing to bet, that it has been done by people who are less fortunate than us.

How many times have you attempted to do what seems impossible for you right now? Chances are not even a dozen times. Most of us fail to take action, and run a story in our heads that justify our failure and blame external circumstances for our failures.

Edison set out to do something that was both NEVER DONE BEFORE, and he tried it thousands of times. I truly believe, that If he can do it we can do it.

I Guarantee It

There is no success without failure. Its a numbers game. you are going to win 2 times out of 10 trys. So I’d say, fail fast so that you can win.

Most people give up at the first try therefore they never win.

Whenever you get in the state of “I can’t do this” OR “This seems impossible”, think of Edison and the challenge he was up against.

Aziz Ali Rocking Out